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- Most Popular Interpretations -

House (1.89%)
House Generally, if you dream of your house or homes you have visited or lived in the past, this is an indication by your subconscious mind that it's time t...
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Back (1.77%)
Back A back is symbolic of your position, views and work ethic in your life. Your subconscious is also warning you that if somebody asks you to borrow mone...
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One (1.74%)
One The number one is generally symbolic of unity. If you see one object of which there are many but only one appears in your dream, this becomes symbolic...
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Friends (1.35%)
Friends Dreaming of friends has many different meaning but generally, either you or some of your friends are in need of guidance as there is a rough patch cur...
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Time (1.26%)
Time Time marches on no matter what you do, being cognizant of the passage of time in your dream may hint at an upcoming death or birth depending on the ti...
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Down (1.23%)
Down Feeling down or having things move in a downward motion in your dream can be interpreted as meaning that you are headed down the wrong path in your li...
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Man (1.08%)
Man Although highly individualistic depending on what happened and what sex you are, man usually represents “mankind” in the dreamworld, do you have s...
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Room (1.02%)
Room The interpretation of a room is highly dependent on the floor and condition. Can you remember how you felt about the room?
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Boyfriend (0.99%)
Boyfriend If you are dreaming of your present boyfriend, then there is simply an impression occurring from your consciousness to subconscious but if you where d...
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Life (0.90%)
Life Dreaming of life in general can be interpreted as your contentment with the life you have, it may not be perfect but it's yours to mold into what you ...
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Right (0.78%)
Right If the dream was specific to the direction of right, this dream is suggesting you rethink a recent critical decision as the information you where give...
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Night (0.78%)
Night When the sun goes down, you loose light but in this instance, if your dream occurring during nightfall, take it as a warning you are about to realize...
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Car (0.78%)
Car There is an itch that is becoming a pain in the ass to deal with at the moment, you need to take action and resolve it, before it becomes unbearable. ...
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Home (0.78%)
Home Generally, if you dream of your house or homes you have visited or lived in the past, this is an indication by your subconscious mind that it's time t...
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Want (0.69%)
Want Dreams involving the desire of wanting something or alternatively, being wanted, represent things that you wish would happen in the waking world. For ...
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Water (0.69%)
Water Generally symbolic of purification, the type of water is also significant. For instance, shallow water is a warning against make decisions based on to...
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Two (0.69%)
Two The number two generally represents polarities, or opposites of one another.
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Face (0.69%)
Face A face in the dreamworld symbolizes the mask each of us put on when surrounded by others. We all have inner demons and achievements that we wish to te...
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Way (0.69%)
Way If you dreamed that you found your way after being loss, this represents new opportunities, specifically in the area of finances, are about to enter y...
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Woman (0.66%)
Woman A woman is sometimes symbolic of big advances within your life, other times of treachery.
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