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- New Interpretations -

Parking Lot
Parking Lot Being in or seeing events happening in a parking lot don't really mean much at all message wise. What is more important is the condition, number and ...
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Mouth Dreaming of a mouth is symbolic of an inability to properly understand what is going on around you if it was silent. If the mouth was telling you a me...
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Mother Board
Mother Board Mother boards such as those found in electronic equipment and computers are symbolic of control. Is it possible that recently, you took back control o...
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Frigate Although a frigate is a type of ship, the interpretation is somewhat different in that a lot of what you worked very hard for is possibly going to be ...
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Lamborghini Lamborghini's interpretation is similar to that of a regular car in that there is some unfinished business lurking in your immediate area that you ne...
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Reptile Reptiles generally denote your basic primal urges and instincts that have, so far, led a rather dormant or repressed life. Time to get out of your she...
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Shipping Container
Shipping Container Shipping containers have a very distinct meaning in the dreamworld, that of desperation! The reason is because they are usually far overbuilt and of l...
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Sapling A baby tree, or sapling, indicates you have a general mood of hope throughout your day that your life will get better and that the best is yet to come...
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Barb Wire
Barb Wire Barb wire can be interpreted from your dreams as meaning you need to follow the advice from others more often as your decision making process may not ...
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Maya Dreaming of the Maya indicates fear of losing what you worked so hard to gain due to events and decisions out of your control.
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Mayan Script
Mayan Script Dreams involving, what you perceive to be, Mayan script, unless you are a researcher on this topic, indicates your desire to explore other cultures, l...
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Emperor If you where an Emperor in your dream, commanding vast legions of people to do your bidding, this denotes your ability to persuade people successfully...
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Ruins You are either deteriorating mentally, physically or spiritually, you need to identify the cause and fix it before your life becomes a mess. This is t...
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Mayan Dreams involving the Mayan people and their monuments doesn't mean doom is coming in 2012, it means you have a deep understanding of who you are as a...
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Exhaustion Dreams in which you are exhausted or relaxing heavily can mean either you are, yourself, exhausted or full of energy (the opposite), regardless, it's...
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Pool A swimming pool in the dreamworld is indicative of complete and utter exhaustion. Your subconscious is really in need of a break from your daily life,...
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Children Children that play a role in your dream are generally symbolic of good luck or positive omens. Any further interpretation depends on how you feel abou...
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Mountain A single, solitary mountain is usually interpreted as being a small bump appearing on the road your life is heading down. Falling off or having to go...
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Turtle Did you have a dream about a turtle, whether it was a leather back or sea turtle doesn't make difference as this dream can be interpreted as a recent...
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Tour Whether the dream you had involved a four hour tour or something more substantial, the message being given to you from the dreamworld is the same. You...
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