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Create Unique Memories

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Can I copy your website?

You may not copy, print or distribute any or all parts of the content of this site, both words and photographs without expressed written and signed permission. Contact us if you want to use some parts of the site - otherwise the Karma Police will be after you ;-)

Why do you need my e-mail? Is it safe?

Your e-mail is needed to confirm your account, so you do need a valid e-mail. We aren't into spamming nor sending endless e-mail alerts here, our goals are the same as yours, to learn more about the hidden messages found in the dreamworld. We hate spam as much as you do! Dreamclue.com sends a mass mail when site upgrades or very important information has to be shared with our membership. We do not sell or distribute your e-mail to anybody. Period.

I want to send you my dreams to post on the site - how do I do that?

We give you the option within your administration to have your dreams added do our "DreamFeed", it's completely anonymous and bunched-up with other dreamers.

Why is your site free?

Why not? Our mission is to help people regardless of geographic, financial or other roadblocks to decipher the mysteries of life that we should all enjoy.

Can I make my dreams non-public (private)?

Absolutely, in your administration there is an option to turn all your dreams private so they are only viewable to you. Please keep in mind that dreamfeed runs postings through filters and doesn't show any personal information regarding your account on Dreamclue.com.

Who took all those photographs?

The founder of Dreamclue.com and it's parent company, i3DS International Corporation is responsible for each and every photograph on this site and interpretation. We cannot accept photographs from others due to possible copyright violations, hence why we took this route to guarantee ownership.

I must personally thank CrunchGear.com for awarding me a free Nikon D40 due to winning a competition held on Christmas of 2006. It's because of them that there are so many wonderful photographs on this site.

Do you perform personal dream interpretation?

No, that's why we built and continue to develop this site - like our other sites, we give you the tools to discover life on your own terms.

You didn't answer my question in this list

No problem, contact us to get an answer!

As always, enjoy the fruits of our labor and spread the word about Dreamclue.com!

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