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Create Unique Memories

Dream Library - Betty Bethards


Books about Dreams written by Betty Bethards from Dreamclue.com

. Testimonials and Descriptions
The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding
by Betty Bethards

The emphasis of this book is on developing a higher level of consciousness using principles from a number of disciplines from around the world. This is a wonderful book which has helped me interpret my dreams. I particularly like Bethards emphasis on the spiritual--developing your higher consciousness. Using principles of eastern religion/philosophy, such as karma and reincarnation, she sees dreams, along with prayer and meditation, as a tool to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Emphasizing the need to work to achieve your goals, to focus and direct your energy towards them, to take responsibility for your own actions, she believes you can create your own destiny. Her dream interpretations are always guiding, teaching, gentle and caring, never threatening or frightening. I find this book an insightful, uplifting, spiritual guide, which also helps you in a practical way, as you work to attain your ambitions here on earth.This book is geared towards putting your energies into goals you have set for yourself and turning them into a reality.

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