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Dream Interpretation of living room 2015-01-09
Dream title : Emotions Dream story : I was in my ex partners house, he is really quiet towards me, even though deep inside me I want him to talk to me, but I see he doesn't want to. I open a cabinet and see 5 loaves of bread, noticing 1 loaf is mouldy so I through it away, I leave the other 4 in the cabinet and spoke to me ex partner saying "guess you really don't eat bread, he says rather quicky "no not really", as he nears me I wish deep with me he would just touch me, yet he doesn't. I walk over to the couch in the living room and sit down & is accompaned by my 3 grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter wants to go out so I let her go, shortly before it got really dark she returns and running over to me, whispers " I got something important to tell, I learn toward her to listen what she had to say, but she stopped as soon as my ex partner's new girlfriend walked in the house as she just got off of work..I was hoping she was upset but after she got into her pj's (red & white shorts set) &open robe she came right over to me & my oldest granddaughter and started to act & talk sweet to her, put I did want her touching my grandaughter, I pulled my grandaughter close to me & patted her back, way of hiding my feelings toward this lady..She got the pint no one is talking to her she decides to go to sleep, then also my ex partner decides to go to sleep. I look up at the ceiling as a way to refocus when i see strips of rainbow looking tape going across the ceiling "orange, green, blue, yellow" he got in bed but very shortly he couldn't stay in bed he came out and said "I am HOT" he seemed quit unease, restless...then I found myself outside, summertime, everything is beautiful, sun shining, trees have leaves, grass is groomed, I two young ladys infront of me as i sit in the grass enjoying being outside..then off to my left I see my ex partners new girlfriend, she's wearing a black and white short skirt and white top, she stood looking at the two ladies then looked at me, neither said a word. I see my ex partner's new girlfriend knee down in the grass & I felt what I tyhink she was feeling "being rejected, lonely, without some liking her"
Living Room

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