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Interpretation for "Death" (0.24%)

Good news is on the way, don't worry, the meaning of death in the spiritual world has the opposite in the real world. If on the other hand you dreamed of a loved one dying in an accident, this may represent that part of yourself has died or that you where once in a relationship that you allowed to sour but still have some feelings about. You need to allow yourself to let go of the past in this case and move on.

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Dream Interpretation of arson, death 2010-09-01
arson my own death the girl of my dreams
Dream Interpretation of Death 2011-10-21
death/skeleton 2012-07-21
was holding a person. the person began to burn/evaporate and then turned into a complete skeleton/bones. saw my dead uncle james, and was at his house.
death of a loved one 2008-11-30
i dreamed that my aunt died. i found her in the back yard. she had been beaten up. the ambulance came. strangely, they wrung her out, like you wring out a wash cloth. i commented that i was afraid who would die next because, that two people had died on a friday two times in a row. suddenly, my aunt was alive, but younger. she said she missed her bird. then her bird appeared on the back of the car and she was happy.
My own death 2008-04-17
I dreamed this a few months ago,but it's still fresh in my mind as if I dreamed it last night.I dreamed I was shot in the head and KNEW I was dieing.I was laying on a couch in someones house (Not sure if it was my own house or not) I asked my husband to call my friend Rachael,cause I wanted her to be there.Just after she got there is when I woke up.
My sons death! 2008-04-16
I dreamed that my friend miranda and I as well as a guy I'm unsure if it was her boyfriend or my husband but we were all sleeping with my son dylan in a body of water (a lake, river) unknown, with pink fluff foam like stuff covering us I woak up looking for my son and mirnada told me to calm down she had him so I was feeling around in the water next to her and started screaming miranda where is he I dont feel him and she brushed back the foamy stuff to show me but it was a rock not him. So I started screaming his name and searching through the water trying to find him as I went further out into the water it got clearer like we where in the middle of no where with trees and rocks and water all around us, I continue screaming and crying for my baby. then dylan ( my son) comes floating in front of us face down in the water completely dressed i rushed to him and turned him over and started beating him on the back trying to get him to breath then I realize miranda is yelling at me stop it stop it ashley he's ok he's breathing he was just sleeping so i turned him towards me and franticaly ask him if he was ok he replyed cold mom I cold mom so I took my soaking wet shirt off and put it over him and was yelling at miranda to give me her shirt, she did then as we both stood out in this body of water with our top off holding dylan and who ever the man was that was with us was still sleeping my dream was over! please help me understand this better it has drove me crazy the last few week wondering what it ment! thank you!
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Comment : 1 Erin Date Added : 2008-04-17
What if you dream of your OWN death? I had a dream that I was shot in the head and knew I was dying. A few weeks later I had another dream that I had been shot in the stomach and again KNEW I was dying.

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