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Interpretation for "Space" (0.06%)
Image from NASA

The incredible size and depth of space represents each and every decision you have made in your life. You dreamed of space because you aren't taking enough time in your daily life to understand both the positive and negative aspects of said decision. Next time people ask something of you, take a little time to realize who and what will be affected.

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Dream Interpretation of Space shuttle launch 2012-07-19
Space shuttle launch
Dream Interpretation of space shuttle 2013-11-12
I was callling my sisters n i was in the town i grew up i was telling them how much i missed them. Then the dream change n i was with 3 of my nephews and i told them look its a space shuttle. It was huge n it started to take off n we were amazed looking at it take off
Space Shuttle Landings 2011-05-18
I watched all of the remaining space shuttles land for the last time. One of them came down hard, almost vertically, but landed safely.
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Comment : 1 Refeeq Rehuman Date Added : 2008-03-19
wonderful image

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