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72-Interpretations Found
Gag Playing a Gag or Trick on somebody is a message from the dreamworld that you feel unable to express your true feelings regarding a specific situation ...
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Galaxy The Galaxy we live within is called "The Milky Way" but to dream of our part of the universe is simply a calling to investigate where you come from wi...
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Gale Strong gale forced winds symbolize the lack of control, though you thought otherwise, regarding a specific issue you are currently dealing with. This ...
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Gallows Gallows aren't the most wonderful of symbols present in the dreamworld but they are essential at conveying the message that you are having deep resent...
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Gambling Gambling has so many interpretations that they soon become contradictory... it's probably safer to simply enjoy the game you where gambling at and be ...
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Garage Sale
Garage Sale Dreaming of a yard or garage sale indicates your inner ability to recycle skills on a continuous basis towards new challenges in your life. Remember t...
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Garbage (0.03%)
Garbage Dreaming about garbage is simply to be interpreted as "Relax... don't sweat the small stuff".
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Garden (0.06%)
Garden If you are an avid gardener, your conscious mind has leaked into your subconscious, this dream is neutral in symbolism to you. This may symbolize the ...
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Gardening The act of gardening in your dream may symbolize your desire for self-improvement in your waking life. If the garden is beautiful in every way, you ar...
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Garlic Symbolic of protection or a curing of some sort. If you happen to be a cook or enjoy cooking, consider this a largely neutral object as you have simpl...
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