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380-Interpretations Found
B.B.Q You have an itch in your social life that just won't go away, time to make some changes so you can scratch it once and for all.
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Baboon For some reason, you choose to live life the hard way. Dreaming of being or seeing a baboon is a message from the dreamworld to be more direct with pe...
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Baby (0.45%)
Baby A baby generally symbolizes good luck and fortune is heading your way, there are some new opportunities in the works for you. The context that you dre...
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Baby Carriage (0.09%)
Baby Carriage Dreaming of a baby carriage symbolizes your desires for a family or adding another child to your existing family. If you noticed that the baby carriag...
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Baby Cloths
Baby Cloths Symbolic of past habits that you have since outgrown, dreaming of baby cloths is an important reminder of how you use to be and shows how much you hav...
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Baby Shower
Baby Shower Dreams involving baby showers are symbolic of renewal and a second chance being given. You may have done somethings badly in the past but don't worry,...
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Babysitter Dreams in which you see, are or call a babysitter suggest that you need to resolve some issues from your childhood which still act as friction in your...
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Bachelor Representational of your masculinity no matter your sex, dreams involving being or seeking to become a bachelor denote your inner desires to experienc...
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Back (1.77%)
Back A back is symbolic of your position, views and work ethic in your life. Your subconscious is also warning you that if somebody asks you to borrow mone...
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Back and Forth
Back and Forth Dreaming of going back and forth or zig zagging denotes that you really don't know what to do with a problem in your life, one minute you think you fo...
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