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304-Interpretations Found
Actress (0.06%)
Actress If you are a performer, expect a recent venture whose success was in question to fail, it also indicates that you are in need of some attention, possi...
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Acupuncture You are experiencing some pain, either physical or mental, which your subconscious is telling you to take more seriously. This may mean a doctors appo...
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Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Generally dreams involving Adam and / or Eve are indicative of your inner self, your hopes, aspirations and dreams. Is there something about yourself ...
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Adamant Dreams in which you are hard headed about something means that you are on the verge of loosing something which you hold dear to your heart.
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Adder To dream of seeing a snake symbolizes that there is somebody in your life is trying to gain your trust but if you do, it will be at your own peril. Th...
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Addict Dreaming of being an addict indicates that you have lost control over a situation which you are desperately trying to make sense of, you may also be s...
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Addiction You have a very addictive personality, you need to be careful as even the simplest of tasks can become all engrossing on you relatively quickly if you...
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Addition Dreaming of math isn't all that uncommon, but in this case, dreaming of solving an addition equation indicates that you are having a tough time right ...
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Address (0.06%)
Address Think of your address as an indication of your current situation in life. If you dream of an old address, you need to learn from your past mistakes an...
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Addressing You need to review things more thoroughly in the future if you want the outcome you so desire.
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