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304-Interpretations Found
Abscond If you are a woman, these kind of dreams are warnings not to fall in love too easily or quickly as you are the only one who will be hurt at the end of...
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Absence U2, the band, had a great song with the lyrics “you still haven't found what your looking for” repeated many times, you are feeling the same senti...
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Absorb Dreaming of being completely focused on a certain task may indicate you are alienating people whom you value their friendships with, alternatively, it...
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Abstinence To dream of going without over an extended period of time, whether it was food, drink or other desires is a warning against becoming too confidant in ...
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Abundance Dreams involving having one thing in vastly superior numbers then you can handle should be taken as a serious warning against overconsumption of both ...
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Abuse (0.03%)
Abuse This is a very prophetic dream, if you are the perpetrator, then you will reap what you have sown with a close friend, if you are the victim, then exp...
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Abyss An abyss is a formidable obstacle in your life that you have yet to conquer, this is causes feelings of great despair and chaos in your life as a resu...
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Academy To dream of an educational institution of any kind is a prophetic heads-up that you are about to make new friends and explore new opportunities.
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Accelerator Nothing is a fulfilling as achieving a goal by your own wit and sweat, this is a prophetic dream telling you such a goal will be reached very soon. If...
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Acceptance You are possibly having self-esteem issues, fearing not being able to live up to yours or others expectations of you. Relax, enjoy the life that YOU w...
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