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Abnormal Sometimes solutions to complex problems seem to take forever to resolve themselves, this is a prophetic dream that such a solution isn't far away to a...
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Abode If you cannot find your home, either figuratively or literally, within your dream is an indication that you have lost faith in yourself, you need to f...
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Abominable Snowman
Abominable Snowman Technology isn't the panacea you think it is, sometimes doing things the old fashion way has advantages that are not realized till after you have comp...
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Aboriginal This is a calling to get back in touch with your more primal self so that you can once again take control over your instincts and emotions. You may be...
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Aborigine Dreaming of aborigine is a very strong message that it's about time you got a hold of yourself, recently, your instincts and emotions have gone haywir...
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Abortion No matter your feelings about abortion, dreaming about this within any context can be traumatic to say the least, consider this a warning that you are...
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Above (0.12%)
Above Your subconscious is reminding you that you need to set-up your goal posts a little higher, you aren't challenging yourself enough.
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Abroad (0.03%)
Abroad You are in need of a change in scenery, either mentally, physically or spiritually. Things are getting dull and your spirit needs to feel a breeze of ...
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Abs Symbolically, your abdomen represents to the power of your instincts and emotions you are keeping deep inside. Is it possible you are currently doing ...
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Abscess Stop repressing part of yourself. There is something you absolutely MUST do, you know what it is, but are too fearful of the consequences. Do it, as l...
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