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14-Interpretations Found
Auction Dreaming of attending or seeing an auction is indicative of your desire to learn from past mistakes and move on with life. You may also be over or und...
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Audience (0.03%)
Audience Audiences in the dreamworld have two possible interpretations. The first that you have secrets you fear being made public and the second, that you not...
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Audition If you attend many auditions, this is simply your experiences being played out in your dreams but if auditions are foreign to you, then it denotes you...
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Auger Augers are a great tool at drilling holes, their meaning is the same in the dreamworld, either your path is full of holes which you keep falling into ...
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August Dreams which occur in the month of August, regardless of the actual month in the waking world are a representation of your struggles though life.
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Aunt (0.18%)
Aunt Symbolism behind dreaming of an Aunt is strongly tied towards wisdom. You need to seek advice from somebody you trust about a situation that is pressi...
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Aura Everybody has an aura, the feelings you experienced from seeing one will give you a clue to their true meaning in your life.
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Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis Dreams where you saw the beautiful lights in the northern skies, Aurora Borealis, are indicative of your spiritual fulfillment and awakening.
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Australia Dreaming of either being in or wanting to visit Australia should be taken at face value, maybe your next destination should be the land down under.
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Author Dreaming of being or seeing an author denotes that you are currently distracted by something you read about and need to analyze further to fully grasp...
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