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40-Interpretations Found
Anaconda Your spirit wants you to be more in tune with your sexuality, we are all sexual beings, you have simply denied that aspect of your life for too long. ...
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Anal (0.03%)
Anal You feel like somebody in your life is getting pleasure or even possibly profiting from treating you badly. Stand up for yourself, you are not a punch...
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Anal Sex
Anal Sex Dreams involving anal sex are symbolic of submission.
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Analyst When you are an analyst, you need to often review things that happened and use it to predict the future, you need to do the same. If you simply saw an...
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Ancestors Knowing your roots is very important, dreaming about them is symbolic of your desire to revisit the past, possibly get to know your ancestors a little...
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Anchor (0.03%)
Anchor You are knocking on dangers door somewhere in your life and soon the door may open. If the anchor is being lowered then it may mean you are fearful of...
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Ancient Dreams involving ancient themes, objects or times denotes your ability to remain well-grounded even when influences within your life are trying to swa...
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Andirons If the andirons are simply standing in an empty fireplace, this is a sign of loss but if they are supporting burning logs then consider yourself lucky...
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Androgynous Everybody has a male and female part to them, your subconscious is simply telling you to integrate the two in a more cohesive manner.
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Android If you work with computers, ignore this dream but otherwise, dreaming of an android (or being one) is an indication that your spirit wishes to live a ...
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