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16-Interpretations Found
Amazed (0.03%)
Amazed Being amazed about something incredibly beautiful in your dream denotes your personal view about how priceless the value of your life has become.
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Ambassador Ambassadors are basically a moderator between nations, they translate rhetoric from states into palatable areas of discussion, dreaming of being one i...
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Amber These are stones which came from once living things, their significance is that of moderation and transformation. Amber can be considered a sign that ...
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Ambulance (0.12%)
Ambulance Luck isn't on your side at the moment and you also have some future misfortune brewing. Dreaming of an ambulance is a warning that somebody close to y...
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Ambush Much like the waking world, an ambush is symbolic of coming danger, consider yourself warned. There is also something preventing you from taking other...
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America Depending on your personal views of America, the dreamworld may simply be a progression or alternative to your thought processes. How do you feel abou...
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Amethyst Your body is expelling toxins and things which cause your body harm. Alternatively, dreams involving amethyst may also be symbolic at your satisfactio...
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Amish Dreaming involving being or seeing Amish usually clue at your hidden desire for a simpler life, getting away from technology and living closer in comm...
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Ammo Ammunition is usually symbolic of trying to get your way, either nicely or by force in a situation you are currently trying to get through. This symbo...
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Ammonia In the waking world, the smell of ammonia gets peoples attention no matter how you spread it, this is what your subconscious is trying to do, get your...
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