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A.I.D.S. These kinds of dreams may be shocking but if you dreamed of your partner suffering from AIDS, then there is something disruptive, possibly destructiv...
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Ab Bench
Ab Bench An ab bench is symbolic of your desire to be in the best of health, even if the opposite holds true in reality.
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Abandon You are having trouble allowing the past to be just that, the past. Remember that you cannot go forward without leaving the past behind, it may be dif...
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Abandonment Dreams involving the feelings of abandonment hint at a problem you may have with allowing parts of your past not define your future. In other words, y...
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Abbey Your spirit feels freed from the confines you once put onto it, try to use this feeling to help conquer anxiety or stress you are feeling in your waki...
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Abdomen Symbolically, your abdomen represents to the power of your instincts and emotions you are keeping deep inside. Is it possible you are currently doing ...
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Abduction Do you feel like you are nothing more then a puppet? Being told what to do, how to do it and at what pace by a puppet master that is above your contro...
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Abhorrence Dreaming of hating somebodies guts or not being able to stand their presence symbolizes your feelings that somebody close to you isn't acting in a way...
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Abide If you cannot find your home, either figuratively or literally, within your dream is an indication that you have lost faith in yourself, you need to f...
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Abject Usually symbolic of your financial fate, dreaming of going from rags to riches (or the other way around) indicates that your your financial problems a...
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