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Interpretation for "Way" (0.69%)

If you dreamed that you found your way after being loss, this represents new opportunities, specifically in the area of finances, are about to enter your life. If you dreamed instead of becoming lost, or loosing your way, this denotes that the negative aspects of capitalism are about to enter your life.

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Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of danger, dead, way 2011-04-24
someone close to me is in danger dead or hurt im trying to save/protect/find this person. im searching for and being followed i fight my way up a big tree and get to the top i climb in and try to sleep in it its rocking from wind and its scary i dont know if the people are trying to kill me anymore .this person im looking for i think is either my mom or a woman i love.theres a full moon i jumpo off the tree and get to the ground but its day time and im near the ocean i fight more and wake up
Dream Interpretation of kissing, way, time 2009-11-22
dream of kissing your ex-boss in a romantic way and asking him what took him time...
Subway Restaurants taking customer service to the maximum! 2008-03-21
Imagine coming to a mobile subway restaurant that drops anchor for a few minutes then peddles off to another city, at which point, you are dropped off. Imagine the person who makes your submarine sandwich has to take a 5 minute shower between each customer instead of just washing their hands. As you can probably tell, there was a heck of a lineup inside the restaurant and this type of customer service sucks. I ordered my sandwich then was let off at the next city without any idea how to get back but somehow I ended up at my parents house. Interestingly, within a few minutes, the subway mobile was able to travel from St. Catharines to Montreal within a few minutes (a trip that normally takes about 10 hours).
Dream Interpretation of way, sweep, pine needles 2009-10-24
was on way to work playing slots for a casino when i stopped to sweep up some pine needles on the floor, but the needles were everywhere throughout the house and kept getting thicker. I swept for over 8 hrs and never made it to work and the pine needles were still there.
Dream Interpretation of running, down, hallway 2011-01-05
I was running down a hallway of a cabin house where there were lots of windows near me. It was nightfall and the moonlight was streaming inside the cabin. I could feel intense fear and constantly looking for an escape. All the doors were shut and it seemed that I couldn't open any of them. I felt trapped and uneasy. Then I remember trying to wake myself up. I literally forced my eyes to open, but they wanted to remain shut. Then I was sleeping peacefully in bed and woke up to realize that my long hair was intricately woven on one side and on the other side it was unfinished. A loose clump of curls started to fall away from my hair and I placed it next to me where I was surprised to see that more had fallen.
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