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Interpretation for "Water" (0.69%)

Generally symbolic of purification, the type of water is also significant. For instance, shallow water is a warning against make decisions based on too little information, running water means you need to open your mind to other possibilities, stagnant water indicates you need to make big changes in your life to reach a goal while muddy water may mean your mind is clouded by clutter.

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Water logged cattle ranch 2008-03-23
I found myself in the middle of nowhere at a large cattle ranch but this one was rather unique... it was completely flooded. As a result, it was incredibly dirty, muddy and the cattle where always hiding in the reeds as there where hungry alligators that also inhabited this ranch. There where a few islands that the boss had that allowed you to wash your hands with lots of different types of soap but to get to and from these islands, you where almost head deep in mud. There was a platform that I climbed and as far as I could see, there was water, reeds and unless you actually walked into the reeds and bushes, not a cow or steer to be seen.
Dream Interpretation of water, baby 2010-10-20
i dreamed of i jump in the water with the baby
Dream Interpretation of water 2011-03-01
Toilet water
Dream Interpretation of water, snake, yellow 2010-12-30
i dreamed of i'm in the seashore and the water is clear and suddenly i saw the snake which is in yellow strive color and he bite me and suddenly i'm unconcios and fell off,it's about early morning already.
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