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Interpretation for "Want" (0.69%)

Dreams involving the desire of wanting something or alternatively, being wanted, represent things that you wish would happen in the waking world. For instance, if you dream of wanting a new car, in the waking world, this can be a hidden desire of yours.

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Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of wanting 2009-09-29
I keep dreaming of a gang of people comming after me and wanting to fight me.
Dream Interpretation of want, virginity, sex 2009-11-30
Whenever I have dreams of making out and stuff with guys whenever it starts getting heavy and more sexual I say I can't because I want to keep my virginity or something happens where I can't have sex with them. For example, one dream I couldn't because I was on my period (and I was also on it period when this dream actually ocurred if that has anything to do with it) and in this dream we were making out and being all close and stuff when right it started getting more... enthusiastic? he just moved to the other side of the couch and jerked off during this dream for reason that seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do and i was actually greatful that he did that so I didn't have to be put in the postion of may having to give up my virginity. I he seemed far and distant and I barely noticed him while he did it. But then when we went to school the next day everybody just assumed we had sex and we said nothing to convince them we didn't. We just let them think whatever. And when someone had teased me about he had stuck up for me and put his arm around me protectively. What does this all mean?
Dream Interpretation of cookies, want 2012-05-21
being at a confectionary & tasting the cookies, & want to buy them
Dream Interpretation of skydiving, man, want 2010-06-05
skydiving with the man i am having an affair with. have my parachute but do not want to jump then he pushes me.
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