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Interpretation for "Road" (0.30%)
One of two nauseating winding roads up from the coast of Cairns into the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia.

Roads are taken to go from one place or another, in other words, a journey. In the dreamworld, these have the same significance, you are currently traveling along a path whose ultimate end may have been reveled to you, can you remember how you felt of reaching your destination?

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Dream Interpretation of I dreamt i, I d, road 2011-09-01
I dreamt i went on a road trip alone and ended up in a city across the country where my ex and I lived years back. While in that city I decided to visit the apartment we used to share. i was so incredibly sad when I first stepped into apartment building. I had forgotten how pleasant being there with him had felt. in real life he did leave me and it took me a few years to feel better. in the dream i walked into our apartment which seemed much older and quiet bc it was vacant and under renovation. the entire apartment was empty except one bedroom was completed as a baby room with blues and yellows. (yes, i had color in the dream) i realized i was in the wrong apartment bc ours wasn't a two bedroom and this apartment was much too large to have been ours. i went across the hallway and found the actual apartment we'd lived in, a one bedroom. it was empty and under renovation as well. i opened the bedroom door and again is was completed as a baby room. i shut the door and didn't want to look at it. i thought this doesn't make sense, why would they make the only bedroom in the house for a baby? and why would the renovators only decorate this ONE room? i also noticed that i loved the kitchen sink for some reason. it brought back a good memory. i noted that they changed from nice hardwood flooring to carpet and i didn't like the change. lastly, i remembered that we'd moved out of this apartment and into a different one and as i looked around i wondered why. i thought this was a very nice apartment but then told myself there must've been a logical reason we changed apartments. something must have been better in some way. the overall emotion in the dream was sadness.
Dream Interpretation of one, road, different 2011-01-10
I was in a dining hall where they were serving pastries and I didn't know if I wanted one or not. Then I saw myself laying on the road in different stages of death and I turn into a wolf like reincarnation. Then I remember the last part was just me standing at the top doing something I can't remember, just looking around maybe. I didn't actually die but I kinda remember someone gave me the vision of me laying there then later on I was walking then I saw that vision.
Dream Interpretation of night, friend, abroad 2011-01-16
enery night i dream of an old friend of mine who lives abroad. i am really suffering because i have many years to see him and i really miss him!
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