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Interpretation for "Right" (0.78%)

If the dream was specific to the direction of right, this dream is suggesting you rethink a recent critical decision as the information you where given was skewed in the favor of the person who presented it to you, not of your own.

Dreams in which you are trying to get things right is symbolic of your tenaciousness towards getting your way in your waking life.

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Dream Interpretation of night, shrimps, right 2010-05-30
i dreamed last night that i'm catching a shrimps,i catch him with my right hand.
Dream Interpretation of Alright , Alrig, Alrig 2009-09-08
Alright, so for the last three or four nights, I've been waking up in the mornings after experiencing the following sequence of events. I'm sure that I'm missing some pieces because it isn't exactly the most contiguous plot line in the world, but as it is a dream, I don't think that a well rounded plot is exactly required. The earliest part of the dream I can remember is being asked by a close friend of mine if I'm going to see a show by some Italian writer that night. Apparently, having seen other shows of his, I have come to the opinion that this particular writer is nothing but a purveyor of rehashed fairy tails and pseudo-intellectual garbage, so I respond that I wasn't planning on it. No sooner have I said this then I am confronted by Laura's (my long-term girlfriend) parents, telling me that they've already bought me a seat because Laura is in the show. So, reluctantly, I enter the theater, sit down in an oversize red plush chair, and watch what I can only describe as a gothic setting of hairspray. Being so repulsed at the showmanship, I sneak under the rows of chairs and leave the theater to the plaza in front. There, I see a haggard old woman with a white, lace bonnet blending into her wild white hair stooped over a young boy, face strewn with tears. She lights a match, holds it to the boys face, and with a smile, presses it into his forearm. The boy howls with pain and grasps his arm, and over his keening the woman declares "that is nothing compared to the eternal blazes of hellfire. The only safe place for you is heaven, and so you must repent for your sins" Outraged by the abuse, I walk over to the woman and tell her that the only way for her to get closer to God would be to climb as high as she possibly could. Meanwhile, I tell the boy that if women like that were in heaven, he would be much safer in a bankvault. As I say this, the woman looks upon me with a mixture of awe and fear as her face is illuminated by the purest white light I've ever seen come from some source behind me. Deciding that the abuse within the theater to be more bearable than the abuse on the plaza, I decide to go back inside only to find (much to my delight) that the show has already ended and the cast is mingling with the audience in the seats. While I look for Laura, I see three women that could potentially be her. One (who I later recognize as being my ex, Serena) is wearing heavy crimson eyeshadow, the other (who I later recognize as being another ex, Laura) is wearing blue eyeshadow, and finally, I manage to recognize my Laura by her purple eyeshadow. As we walk to my car, I notice a flickering orange light. As I get closer to my car, I see that the car next to mine (Serena's) is on fire. Laura laughs at this and tells me to get in my car and drive away. I can't remember any of the drive, but when I get home, I find that the street leading up to the elementary school is lined with police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances. Naturally, I want to see what all the fuss is about, but almost fearfully, Laura beckons me to go into the house. I have to force her grip from my arm, and dash up the street to find a large crowd behind a police line in front of the elementary school. On top of the school, the same haggard old lady stands with four withered old men and a dozen or so children out in front, on the ledge. She screams to the jeering crowd that the children will go to heaven first, chased by their elders. From the rooftop, the withered old men heave three enormous crucifixes, each facing a different direction. The two crucifixes on the side feature jesus looking away, but the christ in the middle hangs his head straight down, almost out of shame, so that I can't see his eyes. As the men come to the ledge to preach their final sermon, the old woman joins them, and together they recite passages from revelations. Then, it occurs to me that if I can make the elders leap first, the children might be spared. So, for whatever reason, I burst from the crowd through the police line and throw my arms wide. The old woman sees me and her eyes widen and she mouths "quickly" to the men. I feel three sharp pains as the police shoot me. As the old men on top of the roof jump, they let their crucifixes fall. The middle one, whose eyes hang low, falls backwards, and I can see a wicked smile on his face. The entire building is illuminated with the same pure white light, as I fall backwards, waking up before I hit the ground. Fucked up, right?
Dream Interpretation of house, beach, right 2009-11-05
My dream was of a house on the beach. I was either going to rent it or buy it. The house was almost right in the water. I remember liking the inside of the house very much. it was being shown to me by a friends mom, whom is not in real estate, and whom i only see two or three times a year.
Dream Interpretation of openING, bright 2010-06-23
i dreamed of openING THE DOOR which is so bright.
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