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Interpretation for "Pool" (0.15%)
Honduran swimming pool

A swimming pool in the dreamworld is indicative of complete and utter exhaustion. Your subconscious is really in need of a break from your daily life, book a vacation or get away from your general lifestyle habits if you can in the very near future.

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Swimming Pool
Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of pool, life jacket, attacks 2011-04-11
iam in the pool by myself with no life jacket on and i see this guy who is wearing a life jacket and he just attacks me and pulls me underwater and we are almost like running exept underwater until finally we crash into a wall and then we both come up to the surface and look at eachother.
Dream Interpretation of backyard, swimming, pool 2009-10-12
childhood backyard swimming in an olympic pool with a wedding celebration at the same time
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