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Interpretation for "Parking Lot" (0.03%)
Parking Lot
Parked cars in Toronto, Canada

Being in or seeing events happening in a parking lot don't really mean much at all message wise. What is more important is the condition, number and type of cars you saw in the parking lot. If it was full of cars, trucks and other vehicles, it may indicate that you have a lot of projects on the go currently while one that is empty may denote a life void of challenges and desire.

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Dream Interpretation of parking lot 2012-12-04
I am running around my college campus with my ex boyfriend. I will run faster than him at first but then he will catch up with me, grab my hand and pull me so that I run even faster until I am in front of him again. He keeps doing this until we reach a parking lot. I say that I didn't park my car in this parking lot and he says to me that we aren't looking for my car - we are going to register for some school thing. I run and jump into this building that we are supposed to be going to, but my shoes come off when I jump in. I begin walking up all of these ramps with him but then I realize that I need to go back and get my shoes. So I start going back down all the ramps, passing other people. The entire time I am spending this time with my ex boyfriend, I feel as if he is emotionally distant even though he is spending this time with me.
Dream Interpretation of roller skates, parking lot 2010-02-23
being on roller skates with frinds and skating through a parking lot
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