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Create Unique Memories

Interpretation for "Paint" (0.03%)
A painting showing a famous Spanish sport

The overwhelming meaning behind paint or painting is creative spirit, either denied the ability to fully express itself or enjoying the flavor that you have allowed it to live within. The objects and colors also have meaning, be sure to have added them to your description but here are a few:

Paint lying around or in a pot indicates your unhappiness with how your life has turned out but if you see brushes or rollers of any type as well, you are about to take steps to reverse course and create the life you wanted in the first place.

Painting a room represents the feeling of being taken advantage of and how helpless you feel regarding your current circumstances. If you saw somebody else painting a room, you need to learn to trust a person who you have ill conceived feelings about.

Walking in a gallery or viewing a painting is representational of your spirit wanting to be rejuvenated, you need to allow your creativity to get some fresh air. If at any time, you where painting a picture, then your spirit is thanking you for the opportunity to express itself but if you saw somebody else paint, then you are allowing somebody eases spirit to flourish.

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Dream Interpretation of I was , paint, insects 2010-02-05
I was sat in a theatre with my girlfriend. We were asked by the Director of the show to make and paint some large insects to hang on the stage as part of the show. We were discussing what colours to paint them, I suggested a day-glo colour. I ended up with paint in my mouth and had to rush through a crowd to get to the toilets to spit out the paint.
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