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Interpretation for "Night" (0.78%)
Our planet Earth at night... BEAUTIFUL!

When the sun goes down, you loose light but in this instance, if your dream occurring during nightfall, take it as a warning you are about to realize you lost or misplace something of value. Don't worry, you will eventually find it.

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Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of night, Solar Eclipse, Sun 2010-01-24
Yesterday night, I dreamt of a Solar Eclipse. The Sun was huge and was covered by the Moon. I could only see a ring of light left from the huge Sun. After awaking from the dream, I guess I felt that it MUST MEAN something. So, what does it mean?
Dream Interpretation of night, home, ceiling 2011-07-24
It was night and i was sitting at my home, where my ceiling was somewhat open. I was just gazing at the sky, when i saw the moon. It looked somewhat big. I got up to have a closer look at it. And only at few specific angles, the moon appeared as if our earth was just few kilometers away from it. It had a beautiful crescent shape, and looked heavenly. I thought of capturing it with my camera, but couldn't get it. Then my brother came in, and i asked him to help me. Only he just landed up disturbing me more. So after that, I glanced at the sky, and i saw part of the milky way which was a beautiful red color. I saw night sky, with stars in a huge cluster and it was looking magnificent. It seemed out of this world.
Dream Interpretation of night 2010-05-30
i dreamed the last friday night the word AFFIRMATION.
Dream Interpretation of night, numbers, 3 2010-06-22
i dreamed last night about the numbers which is 3 and lots of 0
Dream Interpretation of PARTRIDGE, NIGHT, SON 2010-06-04
Dream Interpretation of months, night, bus 2010-11-30
I have been having this dream at least once a week for a few months now. It is always at night and I am on a bus and trying to get to my destination. They are not stressful dreams but sometimes I am not sure where I am or if I am going to get to where I am going. I have to get off and walk sometimes and then I catch another bus.
Dream Interpretation of night, dead 2010-07-30
last night of dreamed of,i smelled stingky dead person,what does it mean?
Dream Interpretation of night, shrimps, right 2010-05-30
i dreamed last night that i'm catching a shrimps,i catch him with my right hand.
Dream Interpretation of night, mouth 2010-06-22
i dreamed last night that the words uttered form my mouth is a prayers,which suddenly i woke-up saying that prayers in arabic.
Dream Interpretation of TELEPHONE, NIGHT 2011-11-25
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