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Interpretation for "Man" (1.08%)
The most honorable man I know... my Dad!

Although highly individualistic depending on what happened and what sex you are, man usually represents “mankind” in the dreamworld, do you have something you are passionate about like the environment or politics, this is your dream telling you to pursuit it! This may also be symbolic of your need to reinvigorate your masculinity.

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Related Dreams
Unknown man jumping on my bed 2008-05-22
I've been having this recurring dream that i'm lying in my bed, back propped up against a pillow, a lamp is on by my side. and then there's a stranger who tries to jump on my bed, either from the foot of my bed or from the side. so i kick him in the chest, which is always the point at which i wake up and realise that it's dark in my room and that i was dreaming!
Dream Interpretation of woman 2012-01-20
seeing woman in your dreams
Dream Interpretation of crazy, man, beard 2010-12-10
a crazy man with beard, and a rich man which is poor right now (known by me), along with my cat and I on an island. The rich man whome i know is crazy right now too, he claims the other man has betrayed him and therefor he has lost all his money.
Dream Interpretation of man, advice, walking 2009-10-01
I dream of this man coming to me asking me for advice and walking away. this person is not dead he is very much still alive yet he does the same thing in my dreams every month
Dream Interpretation of Beautiful, woman, jail 2011-11-29
Beautiful blonde woman singled out and isolated in what appeared to be an outside jail (no walls, no interior) This outside jail was filled with animals, such as goats and pigs and horses. The men who were holding her there were forcing her to put a cover over her hair and face. The men were not angry, just asking her to put a veil over her hair and face and then she would be set free. She was very confused and unwilling to do so until they explained why. The dream was in shades of gray, except the only color was her blonde hair.
Dream Interpretation of man 2012-07-27
Con man
policeman with guns 2010-02-04
I saw policeman shooting strange guns towards those who were breaking the law. It was not a normal gun. It was a gun that caused an explosion of some type, but it did not kill anyone. I saw a car shoot up into the air and come back down. My son and daughter were in the dream. I was looking for someone,forgot. I had to go to court over some minor violation I did. People in there were arrested for things like flirting and wearing tight jeans.
Dream Interpretation of room, woman, man 2011-01-13
I was in a room with a woman and apparently I was the man. She made it very clear that she wanted to have sex with me, so we did it. Once was on the bed and another time she climbed up a railing and I was below her. She squatted down and I came up to meet her. Then she said she was having difficulties and told me to go on the balcony and unbuckle my pants. I did and then she said jump back down. I told her if that was the case, I pulled my jeans back up and buckled them as I jumped off. I headed for the door and she stopped me by letting me carry her in my arms. Then I kissed her forehead and I was in a mall. I turned back into a girl and was with my family. They were talking about places to eat and I went over to see a couple. The wife had a lot to say about my mom and even mentioned her expensive bag. She said the price out loud as $266 but I interrupted her as my mom came closer. The husband said that his wife was in prison before. Then we went into a candy store and started eating. I saw my mom had eated 6 snickers, so I went to get my own. I carried a big and tall chocolate bar snickers to the table. It was wrapped in yellow paper and silver tin foil. Then we were talking about pizza and how good one pizza place was. We were all standing and smiling towards each other.
Dream Interpretation of man, walking, dog 2010-05-31
i dreamed of a man walking with a dog.
Dream Interpretation of sex, woman, breasts 2009-11-17
having sex with a woman sucking her breasts then licking her pubes
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