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Create Unique Memories

Interpretation for "Man" (1.08%)
The most honorable man I know... my Dad!

Although highly individualistic depending on what happened and what sex you are, man usually represents “mankind” in the dreamworld, do you have something you are passionate about like the environment or politics, this is your dream telling you to pursuit it! This may also be symbolic of your need to reinvigorate your masculinity.

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Related Dreams
angry woman 2008-12-06
i dreamed i saw this woman, that i recognized to be a nurse from the emergency room here, in real life. she said mean things to me. i felt i did nothing to deserve what she was saying. she became angry and i cried and cried. she did the finger signal that people call, giving someone the bird.
good looking man 2008-12-12
was on a ship. saw a very good looking man. a group of men wanted to harm him. so, he swam and jumped in a small boat. i was there too. i did not jump or swim to get there. i was just there anxiously waiting on him to get in the boat. then we met up with some friends of mine. we went on a trip with them. they also thought the man, i considered my boyfriend, goodlooking. they flirted with him and i felt jeolous. they smoked marijuana. we did not.
Dream Interpretation of man, blue, white 2009-10-24
dreamt about a man under a quilted blue and white blanketbut all i could see were his hands and not his face.
Dream Interpretation of sex, woman, breasts 2009-11-17
having sex with a woman sucking her breasts then licking her pubes
Dream Interpretation of woman 2012-01-20
seeing woman in your dreams
Dream Interpretation of skydiving, man, want 2010-06-05
skydiving with the man i am having an affair with. have my parachute but do not want to jump then he pushes me.
Dream Interpretation of MAN 2010-06-04
young man 2008-12-15
remember dancing with this young, handsome man. we slow danced. remember towns. going from place to place.
Dream Interpretation of man, walking, dog 2010-05-31
i dreamed of a man walking with a dog.
Unknown man jumping on my bed 2008-05-22
I've been having this recurring dream that i'm lying in my bed, back propped up against a pillow, a lamp is on by my side. and then there's a stranger who tries to jump on my bed, either from the foot of my bed or from the side. so i kick him in the chest, which is always the point at which i wake up and realise that it's dark in my room and that i was dreaming!
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