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Interpretation for "House" (1.89%)

Generally, if you dream of your house or homes you have visited or lived in the past, this is an indication by your subconscious mind that it's time to revisit those memories... it may also be trying to sort out some details or make new links. If you are building a house in your dream, you may experience an injury in the living world shortly but if you are moving into a home, then it's possible that you are somebody close to you is pregnant or about to become pregnant. During your dream, where you demolishing the house? If so... your subconscious is telling you to put your past behind you.

Regardless, this is a very common dream as we spend most of our lives inside a home of one sort or another.

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Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of empty, house 2011-04-26
empty house
Dream Interpretation of family, house, life 2009-10-24
i was with my family except everyone was younger. our neihbors were trying to get rid of us they locked us in this house that in the dream was ours but in real life isn't. we trie dto get out many times. but we ended up in the house. at on epoint they moved the stairs while we were upstairs. i walked toward were the stairs used to be and i knew they weren't there but i couldn't stop so i fell. then i was in my mom's body worried about my body lying on the graound. then somehow we were in cars leaving.
grandmas house 2008-04-17
I was back in my grandmothers house but it wasn't her house. There were rooms that weren't there as I was growing up and furniture and objects I do not remember. I kept thinking how did all things get here and how did I not know they were here.
Dream Interpretation of house, balcony, big 2011-12-10
I see that i am going somewhere house balcony then i see big papaya fruit located at the top of wall then i saw to a girl she say nothing she hold back me and we gone from there
Dream Interpretation of house, ceiling, leak 2011-05-05
house needing repair, ceiling leak, water dripping, storage trailer in driveway
Dream Interpretation of friend, house 2012-04-23
seeing a friend in my house without clothes
Dream Interpretation of house 2009-09-17
houses 2008-12-18
house. daughter, andrea. baby. two houses were for sale. went into one of them. it was all beautiful. it was 900,000$. too much. we left. red truck. neighbor across the street- suspicious of intentions.
Dream Interpretation of house, attack 2010-01-23
piegion coming into my house and then trying to attack me and this random person
Dream Interpretation of house, beach 2009-11-05
I was picking up pieces of the floor, the trim didn't match which was in a house near the beach. We were also watching movies I wouldn't have normally picked.
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