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Interpretation for "Home" (0.78%)

Generally, if you dream of your house or homes you have visited or lived in the past, this is an indication by your subconscious mind that it's time to revisit those memories... it may also be trying to sort out some details or make new links. If you are building a house in your dream, you may experience an injury in the living world shortly but if you are moving into a home, then it's possible that you are somebody close to you is pregnant or about to become pregnant. During your dream, where you demolishing the house? If so... your subconscious is telling you to put your past behind you.

Regardless, this is a very common dream as we spend most of our lives inside a home of one sort or another.

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Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of Home 2012-07-30
Home Improvements
going home 2008-12-18
i remember working on a car, by myself, without needing help. i ran into james, my past dance partner. he did help me put the front end back together, even if i did not need him. then this man, i think was bill, a ex-boyfriend that has died. he wanted to watch this sex movie with me, and some other woman. i got upset and said i am going hom.
Dream Interpretation of walking, home, one 2010-08-24
I was walking someone home one night and it was cold. I then walked to bridge overpass where I saw a group of hobos hanging out when suddenly they saw me and started to chase me. I then saw a car passing me by and I flagged them down to tell them to take me home.
Dream Interpretation of present, home, comic 2012-07-11
It was the last week of school and my teacher was having all the students present their history posters. I had not realized that I had to make a poster and only had a timeline. I told the teacher I forgot the poster and home and she said I would no longer have special student privileges. I was then at home, working on a comic style version of the poster. My desk had been moved. A spider crawled out from under the paper, so I went to work in my mothers room. She said she was OK with it because I am usually nice when I am working. I feel hurt. She reminds me of the time I followed her downstairs just to say you are welcome. I try to explain to her that that was a dream, which makes me realize what this is and I wake up.
Dream Interpretation of home 2011-01-16
im beeing followed and need to get home but the elevatr wont stop on my floor
Building my dream home 2008-04-06
Much of the dream was spent planning and building my dream home and acquiring items that I always wanted to have. It ended up being a three story earth dome structure that was completely off the grid with it's own solar power generation system, water from a well and a few nice vehicles to make living out it he bush that much easier.
Dream Interpretation of home 2011-05-31
dream of that my ex-boyfriend was going home with the girl
Dream Interpretation of Home, town 2012-07-30
Home town
Dream Interpretation of night, home, ceiling 2011-07-24
It was night and i was sitting at my home, where my ceiling was somewhat open. I was just gazing at the sky, when i saw the moon. It looked somewhat big. I got up to have a closer look at it. And only at few specific angles, the moon appeared as if our earth was just few kilometers away from it. It had a beautiful crescent shape, and looked heavenly. I thought of capturing it with my camera, but couldn't get it. Then my brother came in, and i asked him to help me. Only he just landed up disturbing me more. So after that, I glanced at the sky, and i saw part of the milky way which was a beautiful red color. I saw night sky, with stars in a huge cluster and it was looking magnificent. It seemed out of this world.
Dream Interpretation of I DR, HOME, BABY 2010-08-06
I DREAMT THAT I CAME HOME WITH A BABY GIRL AND PuT HER TO BED AND WENT TO CALL EVERYBODY TO SHOW OFF my new baby and then woke up.We are trying for baby number 2 at stage.
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