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Interpretation for "Garden" (0.06%)

If you are an avid gardener, your conscious mind has leaked into your subconscious, this dream is neutral in symbolism to you. This may symbolize the building of a better future for yourself if the garden looks spectacular but if looks like nothing but a collection of weeds, your personal life may need some cleaning up. It's possible that this is clueing at your soul wanting to express its artistic abilities, when was the last time you allowed your creative talents be expressed? Are you possibly seeking solitude or wanting to get away from the craziness of your life?

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Dream Interpretation of garden, plants, happy 2011-02-16
I am in a garden of tall fuzzy plants. I am petting them and feel very happy.I walk down the row and catch the eye of a tall yellow flower. I ask if it wants to be watered. It nods its head yes, so I open my water bottle and pour water into the flower box. I notice when I pour the water, the flower box becomes muddy. I look up to the flower, whose face is now a tennis ball, and it tells me "you will do great things for people" and then I ask "how do you know" and then i wake up
Dream Interpretation of garden, flowers 2010-07-27
dreaming of a girlfriend talking very close in the garden full of flowers
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