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Interpretation for "Friends" (1.35%)

Dreaming of friends has many different meaning but generally, either you or some of your friends are in need of guidance as there is a rough patch currently happening.

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Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of apartment, friends, cars 2010-10-04
apartment, scary, group of friends in cars
Dream Interpretation of boyfriends, dorm, room 2010-09-13
I'm at my boyfriends school and my mom calls him instead of me and he told me that she was really loud and woke him up really early. Then we were in his dorm room and his roommate was in just his boxer and was really fat and has condoms all over his bed. we were also driving and there was snow everywhere and we had to get out of the way of a motorcycle
Dream Interpretation of planet, friends 2010-12-18
Gone to another planet with friends
Dream Interpretation of room, friends, boyfriend 2011-02-09
I was in a room with all my friends and boyfriend. We were talking about getting pizza. Everyone wanted to go except for me. I gathered my belongings and watched everyone head for the door. The door closed and I could hear them driving away. Then I noticed my boyfriend on the stairs, waiting for me. I told him that I thought he had left too and he said he couldn't just leave me here by myself. We went upstairs to my room and I told him it was the first time he was going to see it. I placed my things on the floor and I looked out the window. He came into my bed and pulled the sheets over him. I got on top of him and he asked if we were going to play again. I asked him if he wanted to.
Dream Interpretation of restaurant, friends, husband 2009-10-09
we are sitting in an outdoor restaurant with friends. my husband looks pale and says he doesn't feel well. grabs left shoulder, collapses. I call for a doctor.
Dream Interpretation of friends, falling 2011-04-28
Im playing with my friends and finally falling off from great height.
Dream Interpretation of I was, I was, friends 2011-01-06
I was stuck between friends again and towards the end of the dream I told her that he didn't want to be with her. There was an alarm clock on my nightstand and then laces or power cords started coming out of the drawer attacking me or another guy. The guy was sleeping, unaware. The tentacles were trying to gage the guy's eyes out, but stopped it. Then I saw the alarm clock again with the tentacles attached to it and when I pulled it, the clock came out of the wall. Then I looked out the window and saw a girl running that looked like a rat since she had a tail. When I looked back, I saw the same girl but older smoking a cigarette. I saw my front lawn but in one corner it was bare and then there was a snow pile and then a healthy green full looking lawn.
Dream Interpretation of friends, hurricane, storm 2010-05-04
I dreamed that a group of friends and I were in a hurricane storm.
Dream Interpretation of friends, falls 2011-04-28
Im playing with friends and suddenly falls from great height
Dream Interpretation of forest, friends, family 2009-08-25
I dreamed I was on a hike through a forest and with friends and family when we came upon an old ruin building. As expected, we were slowly picked off one by one as we explored it by some crazy guy who enjoyed hiding under the floors. It was like living in the texas chainsaw murderer movie but this one picked us off when we were going to the bathroom!
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