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Interpretation for "Flying" (0.24%)

The meaning of flying depends on how easy it is and symbolizes your ambition in life. If flying is a chore, then you are struggling to maintain focus, if on the other hand, it's second nature then you will achieve your goals in life. Either way, you need to expand your horizons. If the dream was playful, such as riding a rocket or a flying saucer then your subconscious is telling you to stop neglecting your inner child.

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Dream Interpretation of eagle, flying, above 2011-05-11
huge eagle flying above
Dream Interpretation of flying 2009-12-23
Dream Interpretation of flying, wings, falling 2010-09-21
flying, wings turn into paper and tear, falling.
flying white horses and big white lions 2010-02-04
what do you think it means? i had a very vivid dream. i got together with my old meditation/prayer group. we met at some field, outdoors, that later turned into a big house with red walls, anyway, my grandson was there. he sat in a big blue chair just like everyone else. in real life, he is autistic, so for him to sit still is a big deal we looked up in the sky and saw hundreds of flying white horses. one flew down, right to my grandson. i sat there, hoping the horse was not going to harm him. then we are in that big house. one by one, these lions came up to us to give us messages. the one lion, was the lion from, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. any of have seen that know that the lion, represents Jesus, and his dying for humanity. the lion spoke and had the exact same voice as the lion in that movie. it was so real feeling and sounding. he said my grandson was going to die. I became skeptical of it all,and said, my grandson will not die. later, my grandson's mother came into the picture. we got in car, and started driving home to where my grandson's daddy was lliving. all of a sudden, i went blind, but still could manage the car. i did stop and let my daughter drive. we got to the house, and i was still thinking about the lion's message. well, i do know that in the dream world, that death does not mean real physical death, it means new beginnings. so, upon awakening, i was comforted by that. what does the rest of the dream mean, put in context? i am on the verge of getting custody of my grandson, legally in real life. he has been living with me alone, for almost a year. i consider myself having custody now, but it is not completely legal yet. my daughter is already making plans to get him back. to do so, means she will have a life change and get off of meth. i know my grandson is better off with me, until she is most stable and drug free. even then, the chance of relapse is enough reason for me to still want to keep custody. these are just thoughts to help you, the interpreter make some sense of this dream. those are significant symbols,right? my daughter is not kept from her son. she comes here everyday. she has the feeling of lost control. i can understand why. i think she should focus on gratitude and be thankful she still gets to see her son and spend time with him. in the dream, she took over the driving, giving her control. in real life, this can not be for some time. for those who want to say, just a dream, honey. i understand that view. but, i want to play with those who will help figure the dream out,in the context of real life. thanks. perhaps, the dream had some of my fears surfacing. however, the lion, and the flying horses, mean what?? ps: all the lions were solid white, the lion only had the voice of the movie lion.
Dream Interpretation of sky, horse, flying 2010-10-20
i saw the sky and i saw there is horse flying up in the sky,the sky is white in color,
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