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Interpretation for "Flood" (0.06%)

A huge and powerful flood indicates that you currently are experiencing uncontrollable emotional states which you need to take steps to return focus in your life. A smaller flood is more symbolic of barriers that are in the way of you achieving the success you so much crave.

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Dream Interpretation of Flood 2010-09-23
Severe Flood in Portugal 2008-03-23
... I'm watching weather news. A broadcaster, a woman, with brown or blond long curly hair, reports that _____j, ______j, _______j (unfamiliar places with letter "j" at the end) then she announces Portugal!! My father is standing next to me, we are watching the news together and we see lots of destructive images causing by the flood. A bridge is broken, (it looks like the Vasco Gama Bridge in Lisbon or the new constructed bridge in Macau), the rough water is washing away many lives. Many people are suffering and in panic. Suddenly, I think of that D. Cristina is living in Lisbon, I should tell my mom about it. Then, I figure out that my mom is missing. I and my father go outside and look for her. The road to somewhere is blocked but there is another pathway which goes to Taipa. I think that maybe she is in aunt's house. We climb up the stairs...I look at other side and I see "nuns" (nuns from the chinese religion). The path they are walking (slope and long)is obviously more difficult than the path of other people, slopy and longer. ... We are tired, we take a rest... There is still a long way to go... I wake up, then fall asleep again. In a dream, I tell somebody else that i dreamed of a weather news about severe flood taken place in Portugal. In a dream, I remember that I had a similar dream in a night before last night...Portugal
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