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Interpretation for "Face" (0.69%)

A face in the dreamworld symbolizes the mask each of us put on when surrounded by others. We all have inner demons and achievements that we wish to tell others about, but be careful who you reveal yourself to as it may bite you in the ass one day.

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Dream Interpretation of back, faces 2010-11-02
i'm involved in a shoot out. people are shooting at me and i'm shooting back at them and i cant see their faces.
Dream Interpretation of face, one, Time 2011-08-04
So I was in a store and as I walk past a shelf of CD's I notice you're face is on them. I stop and pick one up. It says "Sexy Time with Nick Curry." A little old lady comes and picks one up. I decide to buy one to try and figure out what it is. I walk out of the store and I am automatically home. I put it in my coffee maker, which is also a CD player in the dream, and then it has you in your radio voice saying things like "oh yeah" and "get on that." Then I googled it because I was like, "what the heck?" and I was transported to a talk show like oprah's or something, but it wasn't her and they were talking about your CD. Apparently, it had become a huge hit and all of these couples swore by it saying it made their sex lives better and you had a whole swarm of admires holding signs. I don't remember what they said, but I imagine it would be something like "ain't no curry like nick curry" or "the only way to fuel my fire is with some spicy Curry." Anyways, suddenly the person doing the interviewing knew that I knew you and they called my up on to the stage to ask me questions, but I woke up.
Dream Interpretation of face 2010-10-04
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