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Interpretation for "Dead" (0.48%)

It's time to delve deeper within the spiritual world as there is a link forming between “reality” and “spirituality” in your life. They sometime indicate that you have hidden powers that are waiting to be discovered, explore what you know in your life and try to expand their boundaries. Sometimes they are a mirror representation of your conscious mind as well.

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Dream Interpretation of dead 2012-05-04
dead bodies
Dream Interpretation of dead, grandmother 2011-01-05
dead grandmother tweets
Dream Interpretation of dead, family 2010-10-06
dead family
Dream Interpretation of Dead, writing, name 2009-09-13
Dead Person writing your name in blood
Dream Interpretation of bury, buryi, dead 2011-09-27
burying dead who keeps moving? i keep having similar dreams about people who are dead but somehow they keep making little movements sometimes i think i see them open there eyes or they are face up when i turn around thy are faced down. the most recent dream i was digging a shallow grave i put in the seemingly dead body of this old friend i start throwing on this loose soil but they keep moving up out of the ground then for a second she opens her eyes moves and her ams ,no matter how much i keep putting the soil on the grave the ground keeps pushing the body back up. anyone here interpret this for me .
Dream Interpretation of danger, dead, way 2011-04-24
someone close to me is in danger dead or hurt im trying to save/protect/find this person. im searching for and being followed i fight my way up a big tree and get to the top i climb in and try to sleep in it its rocking from wind and its scary i dont know if the people are trying to kill me anymore .this person im looking for i think is either my mom or a woman i love.theres a full moon i jumpo off the tree and get to the ground but its day time and im near the ocean i fight more and wake up
Dream Interpretation of dead, parents 2009-09-14
dreaming of dead parents
dead grandmother 2009-01-13
i dreamed my dead grandmother was getting picked up for a meeting of some sort, maybe church. i commented on how can you get her, when she is dead. i also dreamed of my ex-boyfriend. i was with a handsome man, dancing, and sitting at a table to eat dinner, which also included my ex boyfriend, rick. he said he was not happy in his current marriage. he said she had mangled lips.
Dream Interpretation of night, dead 2010-07-30
last night of dreamed of,i smelled stingky dead person,what does it mean?
Dream Interpretation of dead, boy, orange juice 2010-06-01
i had a dream that a dead boy throwing orange juice at his aunt at his funeral
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