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Interpretation for "Crash" (0.15%)
Stone VS out-of-control bus. Stone won. Samcheok, South Korea.

If you where in a crash before, it can simply be your subconscious sorting out the details or feelings present, it doesn't need to be accurate to a crash you did have to bring up the same feelings. Although not prophetic by any stretch of the imagination, maybe it's time to take a first aid course, there is no harm and only good can come out of it for you and those around you.

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Dream Interpretation of boyfriend, dies, crash 2009-10-03
I keep dreaming that my boyfriend dies, usually by a plane crash. Once he was in the plane and fell out, and once a jet engine landed in his bedroom while he was in it. Once he was in the military and was killed in a war somewhere overseas.
Dream Interpretation of airplane, crash 2009-12-05
airplane crash
Dream Interpretation of crash 2009-12-05
plane crash
PLANE CRASH 2008-09-04
My Wife had a dream about me last night, She dreamed that I took flying lessons and that when I finally got my pilot license, I crashed on my 1st flight and died.
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