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Interpretation for "Cat" (0.03%)

If the cat is washing itself it may indicate an upcoming change in the weather, otherwise, expect a visit from a complete stranger and go for a doctors appointment, you may have some health issues that need attention.

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Dream Interpretation of black cat 2011-12-18
black cat
Dream Interpretation of I remembe, vacation, buildings 2011-02-16
I remember being on vacation where buildings were made on top of water. I was with my boyfriend and we wanted to explore. I pointed out a building on my right and asked if we already went there. The paths to different buildings were water. I saw a friend of mine walk on top of the water towards the building. My boyfriend and I went straight, uneasy at first stepping on the water but realized it was safe. Then we took an escalator down and the place was submerged in water. Halfway down I could feel the cold water against my skin and I let out a few moans. An old woman with her husband mocked me and moaned back. She yelled that I should be quiet in a rude manner. As we reached the bottom, I noticed my boyfriend heading for a large white staircase leading upwards. He swam towards it and I had my purse with me that was soaked. I was a bit hesitant at first and then lunged right over next to him. I felt a wave of accomplishment and then started going upstairs.
Dream Interpretation of find, cats, house 2011-09-25
I dreamt that I started to find cats around my house, all were quite friendly apart from my own who alerted me to them by growling at them. I discovered a hole in my bathroom wall leading to the next apartment where they had come from.
Dream Interpretation of Black cat 2013-05-11
Black cat chasing
Water logged cattle ranch 2008-03-23
I found myself in the middle of nowhere at a large cattle ranch but this one was rather unique... it was completely flooded. As a result, it was incredibly dirty, muddy and the cattle where always hiding in the reeds as there where hungry alligators that also inhabited this ranch. There where a few islands that the boss had that allowed you to wash your hands with lots of different types of soap but to get to and from these islands, you where almost head deep in mud. There was a platform that I climbed and as far as I could see, there was water, reeds and unless you actually walked into the reeds and bushes, not a cow or steer to be seen.
Dream Interpretation of black cat 2013-04-05
I had a dream of a young black cat by my bed and I shoood it away
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