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Interpretation for "Car" (0.78%)

There is an itch that is becoming a pain in the ass to deal with at the moment, you need to take action and resolve it, before it becomes unbearable. The context surrounding the car such as type, model, year, condition etc. may also have an influence into the symbolic meaning behind having a car in your dream..

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Scared of the Basement 2009-02-09
I keep having a recurring dream that something or someone in the basement keep trying to get me. Sometimes it includes my deceased father and the monsters or people are trying to get him. I even dreamed that his body was in the basement. I always wake up afraid.
Dream Interpretation of car 2012-06-10
lost car
red car 2010-08-17
the following is an actual dream that i've been having since i turned 16, several times a year. occasionally the time of year and drivers change, but the core of it remains the same. i am open to any and all opinions on this, as it makes me highly curious. Night falls, the moon peeks in the window and shines her light on the sleeping dreamer cozily snuggled into the antique bed. Gleaming maple wood is formed into graceful spindles and gentle curved arches, cradling the slumbering form. A soft moan can be heard in the darkness, followed by the uneasy rustling of bedclothes. If there were ears to be listening, one might hear the dreamer mumble the words, "No, not again. Please, not again," in protest of the portents. ~~ The sun streams down, giving a bright and cheerful cast on the warm summer day. A gentle breeze flutters over the fragrant green grass and sends the leaves to dancing on the branches of the trees. Summer. In all her glory, Mother Nature has put her best foot forward and embraces the day. Birds sing cheerily as they tend to their daily business, not a care in the world. On the road, a car clips along at a steady pace, the pavement an endless stream in the distance. Music spills out the open windows, punctuated by the laughter and chatter of the vehicle's passengers. The women, very close friends, are enjoying the day off, escaping from their daily grind into the playful laze of driving absolutely no where for the only reason of it being somewhere that they aren't. Long hair is whipped in the breeze of their passing, tangling curls together that truly should have been tamed into a ponytail before the trek began. The passenger, tired of eating her hair with every other word, laughs and reaches into her pocket, retrieving a bright red scrunchie to collect the windblown mass into a loose knot at the nape of her neck. Her friend, the driver, merely shakes her head, knowing that it won't hold for long. They chat as they drive, the country road empty before them but for one other car. A lazy summer day, one that the women are very glad to be able to take advantage of. The bright red paintjob of the small sedan sparkles in the sunlight as they both begin to shout appreciatively to the song that begins to play on the radio, before joining in with their own voices. Innocent pleasure prevails, scented by the wild flowers growing in the hayfields along the road and given voice by the delight of the two, out for a day of running away from home and responsibilities. ~~ The dreamer begins to protest more, tossing restlessly under the gaze of the distant moon. A pleading note enters the voice, making the voice plaintive in its attempt to appeal to the scene in the dreamer's mind. ~~ As the bright red car speeds over the road, it grows steadily nearer to the approaching vehicle in the other lane. They are the only two cars on the road. Silver gleams under the warm sun, shimmering softly. Another sedan, this one a bit newer, driven by a man with something in his hand. The cars mover closer, the distance between them fading to almost nothing when suddenly, the man swerves into the other lane! The women tense, bracing themselves for impact, while the driver attempts to get out of the way of the car moving towards them. Tires scream as she hits the brakes and jerks the wheel to the left, trying desperately to get out of the path of collision...to no avail. CRASH!!!!!! Fiberglass shatters, metal crunches and grinds, and glass snaps into a million glittering pieces across the torsos of the three. The red car begins to spin, the landscape whizzing before the horrified eyes of the women. Blood streaks their clothing as they scream in terror. The right quarterpanel smashes into a large oak tree along the road, effectively stopping the car and jarring the women painfully. The engine stalls, leaving the panicked sobbing to fill the air. The driver's right arm hangs in an awkward position, the bone obviously broken, and she weezes in agony of at least two broken ribs from when the seatbelt locked on impact. Tears stream down her cheeks, mixing with the blood from the shards of windshield that had peppered her face. She moans and curses weakly when she realizes that her foot is wedged between the gas and brake pedals and can't be moved without great pain. The sunlight dims in her eyes as darkness begins to overwhelm her. She gives a soft sigh as she slips into unconsciousness. A short time later, another car happens by. Upon discovery of the accident, the new arrival swiftly calls for help. He stands in the middle of the road, between the two vehicles, his foot on the edge of a bright red scrunchie. First one, then another, then a third police car arrive on the scene, followed swiftly by a pair of ambulances. Bees buzz lazily in the summer sun as emergency personnel work swiftly around the trio, when one informs another that the passenger is fine except for a cut on her face, bumps and bruises and most likely she's passed out from the stress and shock of the accident. His partner nods, and both EMT's turn their attentions on the two drivers, both severely injured, though the police officers are very interested in the contents of the container the man had been drinking from. The slightly sour scent of beer spilled on his shirt only serves to confirm their suspicions, and their eyes narrow steelily. This is not his first offense, and most likely, it won't be his last. Once the EMT's have the woman driver stabilized and strapped to a gurney, she begins to regain consciousness. Her voice soft and obviously pained, she demands to know how her friend is. The men speak calmly, informing her that the other woman was fine except for a few cuts and scratches, and as soon as she came to, would be right there with her. Not reassured, she begins to refuse treatment until she has seen her. After exchanging exasperated glances, the men go over to the passenger, one of them kicking a bright red scrunchie out of his way with his left foot. It flies high into the air, to land on the shoulder of the handcuffed driver of the other car before sliding off and bouncing lightly on the pavement. The two men kneel down next to the body of the unconscious woman, one sliding his arms under her shoulderblades and knees, the other to steady her weight as his partner stands with her in his arms. Turning on his heel, the man then carries his burden to the insistant woman on the gurney, intent on presenting her for viewing before placing her on one as well. She reaches out her left hand, the one not strapped down on the gurney, and brushes the tips of her fingers over the other's jaw. The look of relief on her face quickly dims and twists to horror. Trailing fingers linger on the side of her friend's neck, where a pulse should be beating. Should be. The men instantly spring into action, fighting for the life of one that has already passed. The only mark on her is a thin shallow slice that begins at the base of her right temple and curves its way across her cheek toward the point of her chin.~~ The dreamer awakens with a start, shaking from the dream. She sits up and pushes sandy brown hair out of her eyes, heart pounding. Third night this week. Later that day, in school, the teenager is chatting with her friends at lunch. One reaches over and tugs at a strand of hair at her temples and pulls it free from her scalp. While the dreamer mutters at the twinge, her friends begin to tease her about aging, and show her that the strand is in fact silver.... this last bit, in colour, were the actual events that happened that first week of this dream. i've been having this dream since i was 16 and am now 36. as a matter of fact, i had it just last week. i put this on my blog, in the form of a story back in January, the time before now that i'd had it again. i've had it three times this month already.... again, i am open to opinions o right, i just looked this over again...and hadn't mentioned... the place this happens is a real place, and in January, i saw it for the first time. i don't know if seeing that tree in my waking moments triggered the dream or if it was merely time for Morpheus to share it again.
Dream Interpretation of car 2010-05-24
I saw a car
Dream Interpretation of 2, baby carriage 2011-06-19
myself and 2 others with a baby carriage
Dream Interpretation of car, hand 2010-05-24
I saw a car hand
Dream Interpretation of Car 2012-07-23
Armored Car
Dream Interpretation of car 2011-03-13
lindsey lohan car trip catching mice getting bit.FAQE1
Dream Interpretation of apartment, friends, cars 2010-10-04
apartment, scary, group of friends in cars
Dream Interpretation of friend, bus, cars 2011-10-23
a friend was in a bus from a trip and was talking about bring all their cars
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