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Interpretation for "Bus" (0.12%)

If you dreamed you where waiting, sitting in or seeing a prominent bus in your dream, this is an message from the dreamworld that you need to get off your ass and get on with living your life. Waiting for things or worse, allowing others to take the drivers seat for your life isn't a way to leave a lasting legacy.

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Dream Interpretation of Business 2012-07-26
Dream Interpretation of Business 2012-07-26
Business Travel
Dream Interpretation of friend, bus, cars 2011-10-23
a friend was in a bus from a trip and was talking about bring all their cars
Dream Interpretation of Business 2012-07-26
Business Trip
Dream Interpretation of parents, ******* a, bus 2012-01-06
parents and us and we were in this bus like thingy- the inside reminded me of a bus or transit or subway but were on the water near a damn or waterfall and there are all these orca whales jumping in the air and throwing themselves over the edge or right onto the edge. And then all these glaciers appear and we're in the arctic.
Dream Interpretation of months, night, bus 2010-11-30
I have been having this dream at least once a week for a few months now. It is always at night and I am on a bus and trying to get to my destination. They are not stressful dreams but sometimes I am not sure where I am or if I am going to get to where I am going. I have to get off and walk sometimes and then I catch another bus.
Dream Interpretation of FRIEND, back, bus 2011-10-23
A FRIEND CAme back from a trip on a bus and was talking about bringing back all their cars.
Sean Busch 2011-05-18
Sean Busch, one of Michael's friends, was hiding under a cabinet. I saw his toe sticking out. Trying to play a joke on him, I startled him. But he hit his head hard and cut himself. He was angry and said to me, "you idiot." I apologized to Sean, telling him that he was right to call me an idiot. I was also afraid that his parents would be angry with me.
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