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Interpretation for "Bath" (0.06%)
Typical Japanese bathroom with small bathtub doing double duty. Fukuoka, Japan.

You are incredibly vulnerable in some area of your life at the moment. Dreaming of a bath may also symbolize purification or cleansing of the soul. If the bath is pleasing with nice warm water and a dreamy environment then your sensuality is being expressed, if the water is cold and unwelcoming, you need to liberate your soul from the bonds of suppressed sexuality.

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Related Dreams
bath tub dream 2008-11-26
there were many small toddlers running all around in this spaceous room i was in. there was another room joined to it, but no door. i visitor came and all the children went into another room. the visitor told me to shut off the noise in my machine. i did and the noise continued. so, i unplugged it. the noise continued. this person went behind the machine and pulled out a cup of dirt. i threw it out. something was said about filtering. he left. the whole time he was there, i was worried about the children. i found them all in a bath tub,piled on top of each other. i began to get them out one by one,fearing some could be dead. before i got finished, i woke up.
Dream Interpretation of bathroom, archery, aunt 2010-10-10
kanye west was letting me try on his clothes and i went into a fancy bathroom to try them on. Then I'm playing archery with my aunt and have to shoot mine really close while others had more far away targets
Dream Interpretation of boyfriend, walking, bathroom 2010-06-22
My boyfriend dremed of walking into an extremely large, very ornate bathroom in a house. Inside the bathroom was a large tub in the corner. In the tub was a younger, thinner Dom Deluise (he has no idea why Dom Deluise- he has not thought about him, heard his voice in- or seen him in any movies lately). He had a large basset hound in the tub with him. When the bathroom door opened, the dog jumped out of the tub, ran to him (my boyfriend) while barking, then jumped up on him while barking (friendly). As the dog jumped out of the tub, Dom Deluise stood up from the tub. He was hairless, and without genitalia. My boyfriend used the word "doll-like". Any ideas? My boyfriend is 39, has no dog, owns his own construction business, is very responsible and hardworking. He puts others needs WAY before his own-sometimes to his own detriment and he's been VERY stressed lately about money, his business, and (possibley) health. He has no genitalia or "performance" issues but at times makes comments about his weight. He allows his ex girfriend to be controlling over him since she threatens to 'never let him see the kids again' (two children that she alone adopted while they were dating and living together).
Dream Interpretation of bathroom 2012-03-16
Dream Interpretation of bad, apartment, bathtub 2009-09-24
Iím in a bad living situation - crappy apartment, shabby surroundings, when suddenly I remember that I used to have a very swanky apartment. Then I remember that Iíd left the bathtub water running the last time I was there. When was it? 4-6 weeks ago? I seem to have forgotten that I had a nice place and have been neglecting it. I go home to see if the water is still running, turn it off, and hoping there are no damages. I find out that the person who lived underneath me suffered extensive damages to their apartment because of my neglect. They had to completely renovate the apartment and replace his belongings. They blame this on me. They donít want me to live at the community anymore because of what I did. The neighbors are mean to me and someone throws an explosive at my window. I see it happen and duck out of the apartment just in time to escape the blast.
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