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Interpretation for "Back" (1.77%)

A back is symbolic of your position, views and work ethic in your life. Your subconscious is also warning you that if somebody asks you to borrow money, give it to them without expecting any of it back. If you dreamed of somebody turning their back away from you for whatever reason, take this as a warning that you will soon cause somebody pain and they will leave your life for an extended period of time.

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Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of back 2009-09-11
i had this dream where all i remeber is having to jump/leap across a huge aprox 5m gap, im scared but i no i will make it, then the next thing i remember is having to jump back.. someone was with me, i felt i knew them but i dont remember who..
Dream Interpretation of boyfriend, happy, backyard 2010-12-18
i was with my boyfriend and i was so happy with him that we were in a backyard where i took off my jacket and i took of his shirt. he took off my shirt and then my pants. then he placed a blanket on the ground and we cuddled on top of it. i told him that we were not having sex and he said he knew that. then we were inside a house and i found his ex-girlfriend on the sofa crying and looking at us. i ignored her and sat on the floor with my boyfriend. i laid my head on his lap and he wrapped his arm around me.. then his ex-girlfriend took pictures of him with a group and i saw the tears streaming down her face.
Dream Interpretation of pine needles, back, mouth 2011-08-30
pulling pine needles out of back of mouth
Dream Interpretation of I d, hands, back 2010-04-07
I dreamt my ex-boyfriend (whom I had broken up a year ago) proposed to me. Just the words "marry me", with nothing in his hands. I rejected him on spot. He came back the next day, showed up in front of my driveway (of a house I used to live in for roughly 10 years, but had moved out of 5 years ago) and proposed again - with a pot of green TEA, with a tea bag. In my dream, the tea bag was a universal symbol to what an engagement ring is. We were sitting in the middle of my driveway, facing each other. The teapot was sitting on top of a coffee table between us. My ex boyfriend sees my parents coming home. He wanted to show them the engagement tea bag, and he flips off the lid of the tea pot. I completely freaked out, and trys to place the lid back on again so my family wouldn't see the tea bag, because I didn't want my family to think I wanted to marry him.
Dream Interpretation of falling, leaves, backyard 2010-05-31
falling leaves around the backyard.
Dream Interpretation of pine needles, back, mouth 2011-08-30
trying to pull out pine needles stuck in back of mouth
Dream Interpretation of backyard, swimming, pool 2009-10-12
childhood backyard swimming in an olympic pool with a wedding celebration at the same time
Dream Interpretation of father, laughs, back 2009-08-27
Am fighting my father, attacking him. My punches are weak and feeble and he laughs at me, while I get angrier and angrier. He doesn't fight back, and eventually I beat him to the ground, feeling satisfied.
Dream Interpretation of sleeping, times, back 2011-01-10
Uhm.. you called me while I was sleeping and I answered, but I said "hello" a few times before you said you could hear me clearly.. then I said I thought you were sleeping and you said you weren't, you were just ignoring me because you had a few missed calls.. and so I said that you lied to me again.. and I remember being really sleepy and I just said, go back to your missed calls and I hung up and went back to sleep.
Dream Interpretation of pine needles, back, mouth 2011-08-30
pulling out pine needles out of back of mouth and trying not to gag
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