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Create Unique Memories

Interpretation for "Ants"

You are a hard worker and very much a team player but dreaming of ants or being one may also symbolize you have social anxieties which you have yet to resolve in your life. They also represent conformity and discipline which you may or many not have a problem with, regardless, expect to complete a great deal of work in the near future. Is it possible you are unhappy about something in your life and are tired of waiting for others to get their act together?

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Subway Restaurants taking customer service to the maximum! 2008-03-21
Imagine coming to a mobile subway restaurant that drops anchor for a few minutes then peddles off to another city, at which point, you are dropped off. Imagine the person who makes your submarine sandwich has to take a 5 minute shower between each customer instead of just washing their hands. As you can probably tell, there was a heck of a lineup inside the restaurant and this type of customer service sucks. I ordered my sandwich then was let off at the next city without any idea how to get back but somehow I ended up at my parents house. Interestingly, within a few minutes, the subway mobile was able to travel from St. Catharines to Montreal within a few minutes (a trip that normally takes about 10 hours).
Dream Interpretation of garden, plants, happy 2011-02-16
I am in a garden of tall fuzzy plants. I am petting them and feel very happy.I walk down the row and catch the eye of a tall yellow flower. I ask if it wants to be watered. It nods its head yes, so I open my water bottle and pour water into the flower box. I notice when I pour the water, the flower box becomes muddy. I look up to the flower, whose face is now a tennis ball, and it tells me "you will do great things for people" and then I ask "how do you know" and then i wake up
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