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Create Unique Memories

Interpretation for "Anger"

Where you the one being angered or was your anger directed towards a particular person or thing? Anger indicates some turmoil in your life that you are wasting a lot of energy on. It depends on who or what where the circumstances within your dream... regardless, it's a call towards taking the bull by the horns and making some necessary changes in your life. Remember that although you may be frustrated by the whole situation in the waking world, there is no reason to bring this into your dreams, which are the ultimate escape from reality.

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Dream Interpretation of house, friend, stranger 2010-12-20
I was in a house with a friend. She was sitting on a couch with this stranger. Apparently, it was his house. I asked if I could take a shower and I was guided to a room. The shower was in a large room where sheer curtains was around it. I took off my robe and entered the shower, naked. I felt the warm water and soaked my hair in it. Then I forgot to ask for shampoo. So I put back my robe and let the water stay on. I searched around the house and then was caught by the stranger. He excused himself and he took a shower where I can see him in the window. Then he came to me and lifted me up against a wall. He loosened my robe and we had sex.
Dream Interpretation of danger, dead, way 2011-04-24
someone close to me is in danger dead or hurt im trying to save/protect/find this person. im searching for and being followed i fight my way up a big tree and get to the top i climb in and try to sleep in it its rocking from wind and its scary i dont know if the people are trying to kill me anymore .this person im looking for i think is either my mom or a woman i love.theres a full moon i jumpo off the tree and get to the ground but its day time and im near the ocean i fight more and wake up
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