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Interpretation for "Ambulance" (0.12%)

Luck isn't on your side at the moment and you also have some future misfortune brewing. Dreaming of an ambulance is a warning that somebody close to you is in danger or that they will soon escape the claws of danger. Basically, you have neglected too many parts of your life and it will soon come back to haunt you. Have you or are you hanging around with a bad crowd? Have you in the past or are currently doing something that you know isn't good for you? If the ambulance is carrying many wounded passengers, this signifies that you are leaving your old habits behind and proceeding with new ones. If you see somebody getting hit by an ambulance, you are suffering from something related to your mental abilities.

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Dream Interpretation of ache, sister, ambulance 2009-11-18
i was dreaming i had a stomach ache. my sister came and cut my stomach. the ambulance came. my mother convinced me to let the doctors sew the skin.
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